About Us

Epoxy flooring specialist with 30 years of experience installing seamless specialty flooring.

Ron Scaife, having had seventeen years experience in installing epoxy flooring originally formed Scaife Enterprises, Inc. under the name “Marine Decking, Inc.” in May of 1983. Along with his son, Bill they resolved to succeed in the marine niche of installing epoxy flooring systems on ships and barges, intermittently installing epoxy flooring on land projects.

Throughout the years, the majority of our projects began evolving into land projects. Accordingly, in 1991, our name changed to Scaife Enterprises, Inc. Ron retired in 1998. Today, Bill, with the third generation of family continues to conduct operations at Scaife Enterprises in the manner in which we have enduringly done, earning our clients confidence and trustworthiness through quality installations and customer care.

Some of the systems we install are: Seamless Resinous floors, Promenade Roof Decks, Wallcoating Systems, Multi-Purpose Gymnasium Flooring, Anti-Microbial Floors and Walls, Electro Static Dissipative and Conductive Floors, Parking Deck Coatings, Kitchens, Computer Access Waterproofing, Crack Isolation Membranes, Mechanical Equipment Room floors, Flooring Underlayments, Shower Room Waterproofing, Restrooms and Ship Decking. Essentially anywhere a seamless sanitary floor or wall is desired.

Some of the industries and markets we serve: Schools, Industrial Maintenance, Repair Operation, Electronic Manufacturing, Medical Arts, Athletic Facilities, Zoos, Colleges and Universities, Culinary Academies, Condominium and Apartments, Secondary Containment, Food Processing, Theme Parks, Transportation, Correctional Facilities, Aerospace, Chemical Processing, Hospitals, Residential, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Veterinary Clinics, Animal Housing and Shipbuilding.