Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

1. Colors?
We have a wide variety of solid, flake and quartz colors. Should the color desired not be available, it can be special ordered, although there may be a charge for special orders.

2. What areas can I install in?
Any area where there is a need or inclination for a seamless, decorative durable flooring.

3. What is the installation time?
The time varies depending on the system you choose.

4. Can our product go over other floors?
Yes, our products can be installed over tile, wood concrete and steel.

5. Is it possible to see a floor that has been installed by Scaife Enterprises?
Yes, let us know what system you are interested in, we can provide you with a facility to go to, to see that system.

6. Where else have these systems been installed?
Schools, Sidewalks, Industrial Maintenance, Repair Operation, Electronic Manufacturing, Medical Arts, Athletic Facilities, Zoos, Colleges and Universities, Culinary Academies, Condominium and Apartments, Secondary Containment, Food Processing, Theme Parks, Transportation, Correctional Facilities, Aerospace, Chemical Processing, Hospitals, Residential, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Veterinary Clinics, Animal Housing and Shipbuilding.

7. Is there an odor during the installation?
All of our system products are VOC compliant.

8. Is base available? What Heights can the base be installed at?
Seamless matching base can be installed with any flooring system, at which ever height you choose, four (4) inch is the customary height.