• Epoxy flooring
    Extremely wise investment.

    Epoxy floor coating
    If you want hygienic floors that will last the test of time, you should definitely choose epoxy flooring.
  • Epoxy Flooring systems
    Ideal for warehouses.

    Epoxy Floor Coating systems
    Our epoxy flooring systems are widely recognized throughout the industry as the most versatile, cost effective, and performance related systems available today.
  • Kennel Flooring
    Provide comfort for your dogs.

    Dog Kennel Flooring
    There are several options for dog kennel flooring and epoxy flooring is probably the best. A cement dog run is easy to clean and hose off. Dog urine won't seep into it which keeps it more sanitary.
  • Industrial Flooring
    Great for machine decks, boiler rooms.

    Mechanical Room Flooring Systems
    Flexible, fluid applied systems are used to restore existing and/or protect new floors subject to vibration, thermal swings and impact.
  • School flooring
    School flooring should be non-slip.

    Commercial flooring for schools
    Whether they are nursery schools, primary, junior or secondary schools, it's an important decision. Whatever your education flooring needs, we have information, help and advice for you.
  • Hospital Flooring
    Hospital floors must perform.

    Hospital floors
    Criteria such as durability, slip resistance, hygiene and maintenance are vitally important. Seamless resin floors have been used for over 30 years in the strictest of hygiene environments.
  • Painted Floor Designs
    Customized epoxy flooring systems.

    Epoxy floor paint
    As an installer of customized epoxy flooring systems we enhance the look, preservation and performance of floors in a wide range of industrial environments.
  • Dog Kennel Runs
    Dog kennel flooring must be a priority.

    Outside dog kennels
    We install self-draining kennel floors to prevent a breeding ground for bacteria, mold and mildew which can be very harmful to your dog.
  • Gymnasium Floor
    Schools often need to install a basketball floor.

    Gymnasium floor finish
    Scaife Enterprises offers a cost-effective installation alternative to expensive, high-maintenance, traditional hardwood indoor basketball courts while still preserving the much sought-after wood-grain appearance.
  • Decorative flooring
    Epoxy resin flooring designs.

    Seamless flooring systems
    Seamless Floors possess the infrastructure to become a highly decorative floor design, with a highly trained and experienced workforce. We make certain the specifications are tailored to the finished product.